Making your email more efficient

Marketers often feel they can bombard their audience with emails that provide little value, just because they have their data. Like any marketer, I know a sales email’s objective is to generate a purchase or service an enquiry. However, many marketers fail to acknowledge that not everyone may require that product or service at that point in time. Instead, marketers accept a low conversion rate and ignore the fact they may be damaging the brand by irritating people and increasing unsubscribe rates. I believe that this can be offset by providing the user with additional relevant and interesting content that they may find valuable, even if the original subject of the email isn’t. At the very least, marketers can reduce irritation levels and keep the brand at the front of the audience’s mind ready for when they do wish to make a purchase. Developing a content strategy that identifies how you can connect your product or service to the things that matter to your audience is central to any email marketing campaign we develop at WeClick Media, as well as developing key messages, which drive conversions. Here are some more thoughts on how you can make your emails more efficient. Email Marketing

Landing Pages

How many times have you been sent an email that is of genuine interest only to click through to a home page or section of a website that has no relevance to the content in the email? The email has done its job, by encouraging you to click; but at the next marketing meeting it will been seen as a fail, because not enough thought has been put in to ensuring the user journey is relevant all the way to purchase. Fix it: Ensure your landing pages are relevant to the email content, and consistent in terms of style, messaging and imagery.

Broadcast Strategies

Many assumptions are made regarding when to send an email e.g. B2C emails on Tuesday’s, B2B emails on Thursday’s. For some this is all the consideration given to when to broadcast an email, and disappointing results are put down to poor data or creative. The reality is that the time, day and even month of a broadcast makes a huge difference to how successful a campaign is. We’ve seen rates differ by over 200% from one day to the next. There is never a clear trend even between similar markets and audience types. Fix it: Optimise your emails by setting up tracking on your all your campaigns and broadcasting at various times of the day, and days of the week. You’ll soon start to see when the best times are to send emails to your specific audience.

Response Curves

Not all emails will have a response within the first 48 hours, so it is important to track the full impact of an email as users keep emails unread until a more convenient time. Fix it: Ensure you keep an eye on performance of an email over a month as you may be dismissing emails that have in fact been effective too quickly. So I hope you’ve enjoyed me sharing a few thoughts on how to improve your email activity as the year goes on I’ll provide some further pointers so make sure you keep an eye on the WeClick Media website. If you have any questions regarding this post, or anything else feel free to contact me personally


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