Personalisation is much more than simply adding your customer’s name to the top of an email, it’s about finding out and utilising many different metrics such as age, location, gender, location and interests; all of which, with new technology, can be collected in a multitude of ways. Being able to understand and interpret this information to develop successfully targeted customer communications will always work better than a generic campaign. Not only does it instantly catch the recipient’s attention and make customers feel valued, it also helps build a sense of trust and makes customers more likely to call on your services again. It’s really quite simple; listen to your customers and then reward them by offering them a personalised service that exceeds their expectations. Below are five reasons why your next campaign should be a personalised one. 1)     One size doesn’t fit all.  A personalised email campaign helps retain a strong customer base, through customer segmentation.  You can do this by segmenting by area of interest, age, product preference and more. This really ensures that your customer is receiving the most relevant news and offers for them and is, therefore, more likely to respond. 2)     Personalisation builds trust. This is because you are offering a heightened level of interaction. For example, if you have an ecommerce store, you can send out personalised abandonment emails or let a prospective customer know the product they wanted is back in stock. 3)     It keeps your customers happy.  Customers will quickly become agitated and frustrated by irrelevant and untimely content. Content that has the personal touch will raise customer engagement because they will be more interested and engaged. 4)     It helps you put together good calls to action. Personalisation in email is great as a testing tool as it allows you to see what components of a campaign make it a success.  AB testing is a great way of testing this. 5)     Provides more levels to engage. Having various personalisation touch points, like remarketing, weather based advertising, location services and more, helps the customer at various points along their journey and gives them lots of opportunity to engage with you. What can be personalised?

  • Email
  • Digital advertising like display ads, PPC and Facebook sponsored posts
  • Quizzes
  • Blog posts
  • Websites
  • Direct mail – print – magazine, prospectus etc.

How to personalise your campaign?

To personalise a campaign, you will need a central point where you store all of your customers’ details; for smaller businesses, this can be something as simple as a spreadsheet. For medium to larger businesses, there are an array of CRM systems to choose from that vary in pricing and features available for integration. However, there is a lot more to personalisation than keeping customers’ details. As technology moves forwards, there are more and more options for brands to choose from when setting up campaigns designed to provide personalised material to customers. This is only set to continue as the use of automation increases. With new technology in place, it is now easier to collect information and data about your customers.  This data can be combined to build a much clearer picture of what makes your customer tick, their likes and dislikes, their behavior and needs. From social media to email marketing, the options are not only varied but also available along the whole customer journey. The concept is very simple, once you are aware of what your customer’s preferences are, you can aim to meet as many of these as you can. Many don’t see the connection but responsive websites were the start of personalised communication by offering the user content that is most relevant to the devices they are using.

Feeling stuck?

To help you understand ways to add personalisation, you can draw up a list of personas suitable to your audience. You can then inject a human element into these characters. If you can match user behavior to personalisation features, this will help increase brand loyalty and customer retention as customers will feel more valued. For example, is one customer segment people who like the sun and the outdoors? Create a persona for this audience segment and come up with ways in which you can appeal to their love of the outdoors through personalised targeting. One way of doing this would be to align ads for high volume keywords with a weather app that you can integrate with your ad software. This would allow you to show ads to customers that change according to the weather in their area; you could also up bids when the weather is hot and then take them down when it rains. This allows to you get the most out of your advertising budget while making customers feel you are catering to them personally. This targets users by location and interest and is far more likely to work well for you than a generic ad.

What next?

Today’s consumer has never been so unconsciously demanding; however, to counteract this, there is a wealth of resources for you to ensure you can offer as much personalisation to your campaigns as possible. Never have there been so many options for you to gather the all-important information that will bring you closer than ever to your consumer.


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